Setting the Time, Date, and Functions on Your Waldor & Co. Watch
Setting the Time, Date, and Functions on Your Waldor & Co. Watch

This article provides an easy guide to adjusting the time, date, and other functions on your Waldor & Co. watch.

Setting the Time 

Start by pulling out the watch crown - the small dial on the side of your watch - to the second position. This action will cause the second hand to stop.

Adjust the time by turning the crown. To move the time forward, turn the crown clockwise. Conversely, turn it counterclockwise to move the time backward.

Once set, push the crown back into its original position. The second hand should begin moving again.

Adjusting the Date

Pull out the crown to the first position.

To advance the date, turn the crown clockwise. If you wish to move the date back, turn it counterclockwise.

It's important to avoid changing the date when the time on the watch is between 9 PM and 3 AM. This period is typically when the watch's automatic date-changing mechanism is activated, and manually changing the date during this time could potentially damage the watch's internal mechanics.

    Mastering Other Functions

    Depending on the Waldor & Co. model you own, you might have additional functions, such as a chronograph or a dual time zone. Understanding these features and how to use them can greatly enhance your timekeeping experience.

    For a chronograph, you'll find two pushers on the side of the case. The top one starts and stops the timer, while the bottom resets it. When using this feature, remember not to push the reset button while the chronograph is running to prevent any potential damage to the watch's movement.

    For a dual time zone watch, you'll see an additional hand or sub-dial on the face. This hand can be set by pulling the crown out to the second position and turning it until the secondary time is correct. Remember to consider the AM/PM distinction for the secondary time zone.

    Setting the time, date, and other functions on a Waldor & Co. watch can seem like a complex task at first. However, with some patience and practice, these steps become second nature. The key is to handle your timepiece gently and with care. After all, a correctly adjusted watch not only serves its primary function of timekeeping accurately but also offers a more enriching ownership experience.